Win a Signed Copy of Bleed on Me!


Hello again. I’m back to give some shit away. My new novella, Bleed on Me from Abattoir Press is out. I want you to read it. It’s got demons, drugs, violence, and lots of fucking blood. So, I decided to have another contest.

Post up a story about the worst injury you ever had. Give me the bloody details. I want to feel that shit in my bones. Post a picture if possible. I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month. And if you’ve never been seriously hurt, go break something. The book will be worth it, I promise.

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  • "Shane, how do you sleep at night?"
    —Jack Ketchum

  • “Pure, stone-cold evil; stomach-prolapsing scatology; and treatments
    of extreme sex and soul-chilling violence are just a few of the
    elements of hardcore horror that McKenzie has mastered. Some of his material could make pure-blood sociopaths cry for their mommies and run home sucking their thumbs. McKenzie’s prose strikes like a sledge-hammer to the belly and a baseball bat to the crotch. He writes one-hundred-percent BALLS TO THE WALL, and I’m certain his name will soon rank high on the short list of effective extreme-horror authors. Now I wish there were some way I could rinse my brain with Listerine!”

    —Edward Lee

  • "Shane McKenzie's prose churns with horror, strangeness, fun, and unease. He's an exciting new voice in the horror genre."
    —Nate Southard

  • “Shane McKenzie has the kind of imagination that should require a
    license to operate. He is one to watch.”

    —Ray Garton

  • "I'll take McKenzie over Laymon any day of the week. His ideas are wilder, his social conscience waaaaay the fuck greater, and he punches every bit as hard. Right now, I'd put him on a track to challenge the ground between Bentley Little and Brian Keene, in the modern horror sweepstakes."

    — John Skipp

  • “Edward Lee fans are going to dig All You Can Eat! My advice? Devour this in one sitting, before it eats you!“ —J. F. Gonzalez on All You Can Eat

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